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Pet supplies flavor catalog

  • French Lavender Flavor

    French Lavender Flavor

    The unique fragrance of the king of grass

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    No. 3963
  • COCO perfume fragrance

    COCO perfume fragrance

    Classic perfume fragrance goddess full

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    No. 4472
  • Luscious Lemon Flavor

    Luscious Lemon Flavor

    Elegant and clear fragrance

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    No. 3008
  • Milk flavor

    Milk flavor

    Luzhou Chunchun sweet milky

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    No. 3369
  • Ginger Flavor

    Ginger Flavor

    Strong spicy ginger flavor

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    No .: 3722
  • Green apple flavor

    Green apple flavor

    Sweet, fresh apple fragrance

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    No. 3711
  • Green tea flavor

    Green tea flavor

    Green fragrance and elegant green tea style

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    No. 3703
  • International Floral Fragrance

    International Floral Fragrance

    Floral and powdery fragrances (largest sales)

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    No. 3701
  • Luscious Strawberry Flavor

    Luscious Strawberry Flavor

    Rich, fresh and resistant to high temperatures

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    Item: 3453
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★★ 6 major advantages of Bao Shi Di Fragrances-Eliminate your worry about purchasing pet supplies flavors! ★★
1. [In- depth industry experience ]: 20 years of experience in perfumery and technology accumulation!
2. [ Strong R & D capability ]: own fragrance research and development center and professional fragrance technology team!
3. [ Strong production capacity ]: 5000 square meters of modern production base, up to 3,500 tons of annual output!
4. [ All Flavor Types]: More than 5,300 kinds of fragrances can be developed, and fragrance purchase can be completed in one stop!
5. [ Good scent experience ]: Carefully select imported raw materials from well-known suppliers in the industry to ensure the quality of fragrance from the source!
6. [ Fast delivery time ]: sufficient supply, you can place an order on the same day and ship on the same day!

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