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A Brief History of Perfume Development (Part 1)-A Guide to French Rose Flavor
Belongs to the category: Industry information editor: Bao Shidi essence-Xiaosha baby Views: 2580 times Release date: 2018-07-11

The perfumer is a perfumer who uses a variety of spices and uses scientific and artistic methods to formulate in the form of formulas to formulate various flavor (gas) flavor products. Spices have a long history, dating back to the Emperor Shennong's era of 5,000 years ago. Plants have been collected as medical supplies to expel epidemics. At that time, humans attached great importance to the aromas that emanated from plants. When they smelled the fragrance of flowers in full bloom, they felt beauty and aroma at the same time. realm. Therefore, in ancient times, these scented substances were used for worshipping the gods, sacrificing, purifying the body and mind, and funeral, and later gradually used for diet, decoration and beauty.

In the Xia, Shang and Zhou dynasties, there was a record of fragrant powder rouge. Zhang Huabo contained "simmered lead and tin as powder", and the ancient and modern Chinese notes also mentioned "rouge started from cymbal", Jiu Yun, "Since the third generation, lead was used as powder. Mu Gong's daughter has beautiful jade, she has a sense of virtue, and Xiao Shi has burned mercury for powder and coating, also known as Feiyundan, and passed the flute to rise.

There are thousands of years of history abroad. The tomb of the Egyptian Emperor Yannes in 3500 BC was excavated in 1987, and it was found that the paste in the beautiful ointment tank still has aroma, like resin or balm. It can now be seen in the British Museum or the Cairo Museum in Egypt. Monks may be the main collectors, producers, and scenters.

The Bible "Old Testament" Chapter 30 of Egypt also records: "Please use spices, that is, Su Hexiang, Myrrh, Maple Seed, Pure Frankincense, all kinds of spices must have the same weight, and then use the technology of making spices to make incense. ..... "The fragrances mentioned in the article are made of natural substances such as resins, and some of them are still in use today. In the same chapter, there are also records about the production of sesame oil. The raw materials used are liquid myrrh, cinnamon, cinnamon sticks and olive oil.

With the increase in the demand for spices, the bark of grass roots is inconvenient to handle and transport, and the flowers cannot be supplied in all seasons. Therefore, in the Middle Ages, the Arabs began to operate the perfume industry and used distillation to extract oil from flowers. The more famous are rose oil and rose water. However, this method of extracting spices is very expensive. For example, the French perfume rose essential oil, which was once used as the royal palace in Europe, cost as much as 630,000 euros / KG, so this perfume can only be used by royal nobles, but today, This kind of arrogantly expensive oil also has its economical alternatives.

The French rose essence developed by Bao Shidi essence is based on French perfume rose oil as a prototype. After repeated research on French perfume rose oil perfumers, Bao Shidi perfume found that the fragrance of this essential oil can be copied and created. After several years of repeated research and deployment, German gerbera rose yeast was finally used. More than 80 kinds of fragrant raw materials such as Yunnan natural fragrant leaf oil have developed French rose essence . French rose essence restores the essence and fragrance of French perfume rose oil, and has its unique fragrance beauty. French rose essence can be said to have reached a unified height of inheritance and innovation. At the same time, because of its parity, French rose essence also Known as a cheap alternative to French perfume rose essential oil.


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