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The mystery of the perfume capital "Grass"-details of French lavender essence
The category : Industry information Editor: Bao Shidi Essence-Xiaosha Baby Views: 2324 times Release date: 2018-07-06

Grasse is the soul of the world's perfume. There is a saying that: the romance of the world is in France, and the fragrance of France is in Grasse. It can be seen that Grasse's romantic and aromatic image status. Grasse produces two-thirds of natural aromas in France, used to make perfumes and food seasonings, and 80% of all perfumes in France are produced here.


Grasse is a small town full of flowers throughout the year. After Christmas in winter, yellow velvet flowers from Australia dyed Grasse and the entire Blue Coast to golden yellow. In spring, genistein yellow flowers replaced yellow velvet flowers. In summer, Tanaka is purple lavender; May and June are rose seasons, and jasmine is in full bloom from July to September. In addition, there are incense, roses, daffodils, hyacinths, violets, carnations ... Because Grasse is located on a sloping land, all varieties of flowers have found their desired altitude and have their own joy. As many as 7 million kilograms of flowers are collected in this area each year, and these flowers will eventually be transformed into fragrances and perfumes used in various fields such as perfumes and industrial supplies.


Because Grasse can pick flowers and herbs everywhere, the fragrance extraction technology here is perfect. To ensure the quality of the fragrance, the manufacturing process is very sophisticated. All the flowers used as raw materials are picked manually, and the time requirements are very strict. The flowers of Pixel Xin can only be picked between 4 am and 10 am. This almost harsh traditional method has been inherited from generation to generation. It is with a very delicate and harsh attitude to raw material collection. This guarantees the high quality of Grasse perfumes and makes Grasse its reputation as the "Perfume Capital".


And the collection of raw materials is also extremely demanding, and the scent of lavender is made from lavender, the king of grass fragrance. After repeated research and deployment, the French lavender essence was developed. The lavender used for the collection of French lavender flavors is grown in a beautiful and quiet environment with a mild and humid climate. The lavender flowers used are rich and full, which guarantees the high-quality aroma finally formed by French lavender flavors from the source. Boussée fragrances are different from Grasse geographically, but they have the same requirements for the intrinsic quality of the production of perfumes. It is precisely the refinement and sophisticated pursuit of Bousseau fragrances in the production of essences that made French lavender essences come out. French lavender essence has become the darling of the fragrance industry because of its exquisite and unique fragrance. It has won the favor of the majority of enterprises and manufacturers for its unique fragrance.


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