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Prestige Attends 2018 China Amino Acid Surfactant Summit Forum
Belongs to the category: Industry information editor: Bao Shidi essence-Xiaosha Views: 2375 times Release date: 2018-08-16

After attending the working meeting of the "Daily Chemical Science" council hosted by the China Institute of Daily Chemicals on August 8, 2018, Bao Shidi flavors attended the 2018 China Amino Acid Forms on August 9, 2018. Surfactants Summit Forum.


Prestige's presence at this summit was to discuss the future application and development trend of mild and non-irritating amino acid-based surfactants in daily chemical products.


Amino acid surfactants, as a new type of green surfactants, have the characteristics of high safety, rich and stable foam, mild nature, can reduce the overall irritation of daily chemical detergents, and good biodegradability. Its main active ingredients are Compound amino and sodium salts. Mainly used in the fields of washing, personal care, food industry, medical industry and industry.

Amino acid surfactants are also one of the new types of green surfactants that have developed rapidly in the surfactant industry in China. According to incomplete statistics, the average annual production and consumption of amino acid surfactants in China has reached 100,000 tons. The industrial upgrading and technological progress of the active agent and daily chemical industries have greatly promoted it.

The forum mainly discussed the following:

1. Synthesis of acyl amino acid surfactant and its application in cleaning products

2. Development and application of green surfactants

3. Application of amino acid surfactants in personal cleaning products

4. Key technologies and industrialization of amino acid shampoo

5. Development and application of supramolecular green amino acid surfactant in daily chemical products

6. Research and development of glutamic acid surfactants for cleansing products

7. Construction of Chinese Amino Acid Surfactant Standard System

8. Key issues in the large-scale development of amino acid surfactants in China

About the greening of surfactants is the focus of discussion in this forum, which is connected to the four key points of greening of raw materials, greening of manufacturing processes, greening of product performance, and greening of application processes.

Bao Shi Di Fragrance participated in this forum on the future application and development trend of amino acid-based surfactants in daily chemical products, and it is also actively paying attention to the new trends in the development of daily chemical industry, seeking to be side by side with the new trends in daily chemical industry The company strives to achieve the point of convergence between its own transformation and development and the daily chemical industry, and develops and produces higher quality flavors and fragrances to better serve manufacturers in the daily chemical industry. Twenty years of ups and downs, always adhere to innovation, Bao Shidi fragrance just to make the world fragrance!


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