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Bao Shi Di Fragrance Co., Ltd. participates in "2019 China International Personal Care Products Raw Materials and Packaging Machinery Exhibition"
Belongs to the catalog: Company News Editor: Bao Shidi Essence-Xiao Li Reading: 3066 times Release date: 2019-07-24
China International Personal Care Products Raw Materials Packaging Machinery Exhibition 2019

The "2019 China International Personal Care Products Raw Materials and Packaging Machinery Exhibition" sponsored by China Daily Chemical Industry Research Institute was held at Guangzhou Poly World Trade Expo Hall from July 15th to 17th. This is also an international, professional and branded professional boutique exhibition carefully created by the Daily Chemical Institute, which attracted 150 domestic and foreign benchmarking companies in the chemical industry, more than 1,000 well-known brands and tens of thousands of professional visitors to participate.

The exhibition site of Bao Shidi Fragrance Company

The exhibition covers the entire industrial chain of daily chemical industries such as new raw materials, new technologies, new products, new packaging, and intelligent manufacturing. As a professional fragrance manufacturer that has been focusing on R & D, production, and sales of daily fragrances for 22 years, Business, naturally also participated in this exhibition.

Bao Shidi Essence Exhibition Cabinet

Bao Shidi has been committed to the creation and dissemination of green, healthy and high-quality aromatic products. At present, there are more than 5,300 fragrances with core technology formulas. ”And other characteristics, has a very high price-performance ratio, and can also provide professional fragrance customization, fragrance service, can meet the diversified fragrance needs of customers and markets, one-stop solution to product fragrance problems.

At this exhibition, we mainly promoted a variety of fragrances such as Holy Water of Rome, Baishen, Song of the Sea, International Floral, and Romantic Paris. These fragrances are unique and full of scent, attracting many visitors People visit and smell incense.

Baoshidi Fragrance Company Exhibition Attracts Customers

Lavender essential oil has the effects of repairing acne marks, adjusting skin water and oil balance, soothing sleep and so on, so it has been the essential oil raw material commonly used in various daily chemical products such as skin care, incense and massage oil. Baosidi has its own lavender planting base in Yili, Xinjiang, which guarantees the high quality of lavender essential oils from the source. It is also an essential oil raw material favored by customers in this exhibition.

Baosidi Fragrance Company supplies lavender oil directly in Xinjiang

After three days of the exhibition, both new and old customers visited our exhibition hall. We also visited and exchanged with many entrepreneurs, industry associations and leaders of the Daily Chemical Institute in the industry. At the same time, this exhibition also received many days The information of the chemical industry and the favor and trust of new customers. In the future, in the daily chemical industry, Baosteel fragrance will continue to exert the spirit of hard work and innovation and in line with the development of the times, and transfer the good fragrance to the manufacturers.

The leaders of China Daily Chemicals visited the exhibition of Baoshidi Fragrance Company

After more than 20 years of exploration and development, Bao Shidi has developed into one of the important flavor and fragrance suppliers in China. It is known throughout the industry for its "high quality, honesty, full range, and spot supply" and has won word of mouth. The trust and favor of more than 13,600 manufacturing companies at home and abroad, and more than 280 types of industries used by customers, have increased the added value of countless daily-use products, and made the products more popular with consumers.

In the future, Baosteel Fragrance will continue to take "Let the World Fragrance" as its corporate mission, not only to provide high-quality fragrance products and professional fragrance solutions for the majority of enterprises, but also to create greater value and achievements for customers and achieve cooperation Win and develop together!

Independent manufacturer of Bao Shi Di Fragrance Company

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