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Guangzhou Flavor & Fragrance Company-Baoshidi introduces these toilet toilet liquid flavors
Belongs to the catalog: Essence shopping guideEditor: Bao Shidi Essence Views: 1573 times Release date: 2019-04-23

The fragrance in the toilet liquid is indispensable, which is related to whether it can have a good fragrance. Guangzhou Fragrance Company -Baoshi Dilai introduces some good toilet liquid fragrances.

Rose Musk 3388

The scent of rose and musk has both the elegant and clear fragrance of roses and the strong animal scent of musk. At first glance, it seems to be a strange combination. After you get used to it, you will be amazed by the taste. There is a kind of unspeakable sense of fusion, whether it is musk in the smell of roses or the elegant charm of roses entwined in musk, it has its unique aromatic charm.

Sandalwood 2864

This scent of sandalwood will make you think of the atmosphere of the earth and the forest. There is a rustic taste in it, which smells a smooth feeling. It is as comfortable as drinking a clear spring, which is enough to relieve a trace of unhappy life.

Ai Yaoxiang 4505

The smell of this wormwood odor smells like drinking wormhole Chinese medicine soup. The savory wormwood odor will strike you. It's the kind of unpredictable taste, which is poured into your nasal cavity at once, but you Soon you will find that the taste is not so bad, after the strong herb taste, it is a pleasant fragrance.

Luscious Honey 3982

The rich honey taste is like you bite a piece of honey candy. The rich sweetness immediately overflows your mouth and nose. Smell this pure natural honey fragrance, and the human happiness will also be warmed up, and the heart will have a sense of calmness. , Both physically and mentally indulged in the honey pot, smelling incense has become something to be pleased with.

Fennel 4337

This elegant fennel smell reminds those mature girls. After years of baptism, they have a specific elegant charm. It smells like a slender flowing water, and can even be stored in memories. Comprehend its chic charm.


The above flavors are independently developed and produced by our Guangzhou Fragrance and Fragrance Company , Bao Shidi. When applied to toilet liquid, it can also give them a better fragrance. Purchasing high-quality fragrances, we can go to our Guangzhou Fragrance and Flavor Company , Bao Shi Di.

※ This article is the copyright of Guangzhou Baoshidi Flavors & Fragrances Co., Ltd. (nohns.icu). Please indicate the author's source when reprinting. Violators will be held legally responsible and hereby declare.

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