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What types of skin creams can I use? Skincare & Fragrances Company-Prestige
Belongs to the catalog: Essence shopping guide Editor: Bao Shidi Essence Views: 1338 times Release date: 2019-04-20

Skin cream is a kind of skin-care products, and these products often need fragrances, so which flavors can be applied to them? Skincare fragrance company -Baoshidilai introduces some high-quality fragrances.

Wild honey 4490

In this fragrance type, you can feel the beauty of the wild honey from nature very well, but it is not too strong, it will not be too light, and the mild wild bee fragrance can make people stay for a long time. You can smell it without feeling bored, even letting you sip it in a big sip, so that you can truly feel its unique fragrance from the taste buds.

French wine 4132

There is no doubt that this is the scent you smell when you dip French wine. It smells of a strong red wine scent, and it has a strong French flavor. If you taste the scent for a second, the flavor of French wine will become Heavy, the tangy fragrance is no less than you and your beloved girl tasting a bottle of French red wine.

Sandalwood 4240

When you open the lid, the woody texture comes out with a slight earthy, mysterious aroma, and it smells more warm and fragrant. The aroma is mellow, as if you use a knife to peel the sandalwood skin. , The woody scent of sandalwood slowly slipped out, pure and pure, very natural nature.

Chamomile puree 4402

The scent of that glycol is like you are drinking a cup of chamomile tea. The light scent smells a sense of comfort. It floats in front of your eyes as if it is a chamomile blooming brightly. The chamomile fragrance makes people immersed in the endless world of sweet fragrance.

Honey 4477

I do n’t know how to describe this fragrance after smelling it? Think about the taste of soaking honey in water, is the sweet honey scent in the mouth? Does that fragrant aroma make you sweet from your mouth to your heart? Yes, this flavor is like this.


Skin care product flavor company -Bao Shidi is a professional research and development and production of fragrance companies, purchasing high-quality flavor and fragrance type, skin care product flavor company -Bao Shidi.

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