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Guangzhou Flavor & Fragrance Company-Bao Shi Di Lai popularizes these high quality toiletry and fragrance products
Belongs to the catalog: Essence shopping guide Editor: Bao Shidi Essence Views: 1701 times Release date: 2019-04-20

Fragrances are used in most body care products, and what are the quality perfumes? Follow Guangzhou Fragrance and Flavor Company -Bao Shi Di to learn about it.

Floret jasmine 4178

The light jasmine fragrance makes people's thoughts stretch to the girl walking in the rain alley holding a paper umbrella. From this girl, there should be a light jasmine fragrance in the heavens and the earth, and in the rain, it will be white and light. Jasmine blooms in front of your eyes, a fragrance and a quiet world.

Green tea 4115

What kind of fragrance will make people impress after smelling it? Should it be sweet? Somber? Thick? Of course, there is nothing wrong with this kind of scent, but a characteristic green tea fragrance makes people want to reminisce in the dream fragrance after smelling it. Its scent is shallow, warm, and has a bit of inspiration. Isn't it the taste you want to smell in Mengxiang?

Ginger 3722

When its fragrance suddenly hits you, you will think of the smell of the earth. The kind of thick and thick sense just shows up in this fragrance. The ginger flavor is strong and dizzy. Ginger is a life-like association. It should be a ginger that bursts out of the barren land, and it smells from it. Otherwise, how can there be this tough, simple and strong ginger aroma?

Saffron 4283

The scent of the red flower shows a distant mood, as if the smell of the snowy plateau is surrounded by this scent. The scent smells very ethereal. It is a pure fragrance with no impurities. It will be in your heart after you smell it. I can't put down the fragrance.

Bee 4228

The pungent honey scent will sweep into your nasal cavity when you open the lid, followed by a chain reaction of tactile taste. This wild honey aroma reminds you of the first time you have eaten honey sugar, which is the most pure. Yes, the mouth is full of sweet taste, if the highest score of happiness is a hundred points, then it must be this number, the scent of a burning bee will echo in your mind for a long time.


The above fragrances are independently developed and produced by our Guangzhou Fragrance and Fragrance Company , Bao Shidi. In addition to the above fragrances, of course, there are many high-quality fragrances that can be applied to toiletries. I would like to know many high-quality fragrances. Welcome Poke Guangzhou Fragrance Company -Bao Shi Di.

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