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What are the fragrances that smell good? Guangzhou Fragrance Company-Bao Shi Di Lai tells you
Belongs to the catalog: Flavor shopping guideEditor: Bao Shidi Flavor Views: 1634 times Release date: 2019-04-19

The fragrance in the fragrance is very important. It is related to the fragrance effect in the product and whether the fragrance is liked by consumers. Here, Guangzhou Fragrance Company -Baosidilai tells you some good fragrance fragrances .

Peppermint essential oil 4331

That strong mint scent is what you put in a mint candy in your mouth. The mint scent that extends from your mouth to your body and mind will linger in your mind for a long time. If you take a deep breath when you smell this scent Tone, just like when you chew mints in a big mouth, the fragrance becomes clearer and clearer.

Lavender 3775

Very pure lavender scent, with a slightly sweet scent, touched by its aroma, people's thoughts will flow into the boundless lavender bushes, the small purple flower will sway in the breeze, the light fragrance will follow the wind Flowing out, this is a taste related to vitality, but also a bit heavy feelings.

Apricot Flower 4391A

The sweet aroma is like a bite of apricot. As the juice overflows in the mouth, the sour taste becomes more and more enjoyable. The aroma has a thicker texture, and the aroma does not need to be modified. It smells pleasant and down-to-earth.

Osmanthus 3466

It is not gorgeous, eye-catching, or flamboyant, but its fragrance has its own elegant charm. I do n’t think it smells of osmanthus. It has a certain richness. The light and sweet scent is entwined in the aroma. The scent touch will trigger the imagination of the mind. You will think that this is the most separated in the autumn The strongest, purest osmanthus will have this taste that willfully disturb your heart.

Rose hip 4215

The smell of roses is always related to love and romance, and the flavor of this fragrance is no exception. The flamboyant rose fragrance makes you think of the delicate blooming roses in your mind. If your thoughts are full, you will think of a wonderful young girl who is picking roses. Does the meaning of romance and romance take root in your mind? ? When you extract it from the scent, you will find that there is no young girl and no roses, just a scent of rose hips. In our Guangzhou Fragrance and Fragrance Company , Bao Shidi has provided customers with fragrance fragrances for many years, this fragrance is also very popular with consumers.


In addition to the above scent types, of course, there are many high-quality scent types that can be applied to fragrance products. If you want to know more high-quality scent types, go to Guangzhou Fragrance and Flavor Company -Baoshidi.

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