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What should I pay attention to when using flavors in tincture ointment products? Flavors and Fragrances Company-Talk to Bao Shidi
Category: FAQ Editor: Bao Shidi Essence Views: 1569 times Release date: 2019-04-09

There is a pleasant smell in tincture ointment because of the role played by the essence. So what problems should be paid attention to when using the essence in tincture ointment? Fragrance and fragrance company -Baoshi Delai to talk to you about this issue.

First, use the right flavor

Because the flavor is rich and light, and the raw materials used for tincture ointment also have a strong odor or no odor, so it should be added and matched according to the raw material of the tincture ointment and the flavor of the flavor.

2. Do not use too much flavor

Because flavor plays a role of adding fragrance and deodorizing in tincture ointment, many people think that the more flavor added, the better, but in fact, adding too much flavor will exceed the actual need, but it will have the opposite effect .

Third, do not apply expired flavor to the product

Although expired fragrances will still have fragrance, due to the uncertainty of the fragrance and retention after application to the product, expired fragrance is no longer suitable for application to the product.


Regarding some matters needing attention in the application of flavor to the tincture ointment products, the flavor and fragrance company -Bao Shidi will introduce to you here, to purchase flavors or imitation fragrances, click the flavor and fragrance company -Bao Shidi.

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